Social Values Consultation

Portfolio, meet values.

Social Values Consultation

We believe your investments should return healthy profits and satisfy your ethics.

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Please tell us which values you want your portfolio to reflect.

1. Do you care about the Environment & Climate?

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2. How about Corporate Social Responsibility?

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3. What about a company's Employees & Workforce?

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4. And Human Rights?

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5. Do you care about Corporate Governance?

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6. What controversial areas do you want to avoid?

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Social Values Consultation

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Because you value , some stocks that fit your ESG investment criteria include:

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Censible Portfolio

Censible applies rigorous qualitative and quantitative research in order for investors create customizable investment portfolios.

Take advantage of:

  • a system build from the ground up to support integrating ESG into investment decisions
  • qualitative and quantitative research individual companies for ESG factors
  • quickly building screens on various ESG factors and financial metrics
  • fully customizable ways to weight ESG issues by material risk, client considerations or strategy objectives.
  • unique comparative peer analysis that analyzes company relationships and ESG materiality on the business segment level
  • insights and studies into which ESG factors could help generate alpha or reduce investment risk

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Align your investments with your values.

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